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Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Yes, I know its already the 2nd. I've been busy, or lazy or didn't have anything to say, that's why there's been nothing new here for a bit. Hey, its my time, so I'll spend it how I like.

This afternoon I finally got all my die cast cars cleaned and back on the bookshelf in the corner of the family room. All of it was quite dusty and so the putting back process took the better part of a rainy afternoon. I really need to find some proper shadow boxes to display my car treasures so I could free up the bookshelf for some books!

I did get a little skiing in yesterday when the weather was beautiful. Today Noah and I had planned to go but the weather kept us home. It would have been a really nasty day to go skiing since there was a major snowstorm and high winds and fog in the mountains. We're spoiled, we know it, and its nice to pick and choose the days we go up to the mountain.

Yesterday I got the nativity scene and Christmas lights down from outside and everything put away. Noah helped this evening to store away the creche until next year.

What about resolutions, you ask? Hmm. I didn't really commit to any. I will try to exercise more and eat less, I'm pretty serious about loosing some excess pounds. But I'm not promising to join a gym or anything, I'm just going to try to cut back and not overeat. I am going to continue to focus on finishing my degree this year. I am going to submit my request for VA disability consideration. (Its not that I am terribly disabled, but with elegibility comes a tax advantage and hiring preference for civil service.)

I'm thinking of some ways to liven up WE for its upcoming 3rd birthday too. So be watching for some updates.

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